What to Eat for Breakfast ? Quick and easy breakfast tips

What to Eat for Breakfast ? Quick and easy breakfast tips

As they say “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” Today we’ll look at the several types of breakfast one can have and we shall expound on one of my favorite breakfast giving you a full recipe and the best method that will save you tones of that precious time.


1.    Pre made Tacos.

Tacos are known to be a quick fix in that last minute rush and best of all it’s a favorite for kids. It has everyone’s favorite ingredients, Sausages cheese eggs and even Bacon. It’s easy to make and great on the go meal. You can serve with a Smoothie or a shake.


2.    Avocado egg toast for breakfast meals

Eggs and toast is not now to many tables, how it’s made however makes a huge difference. To be different you can have your eggs scrambled and topped with some avocado then dressed with a buttered toast. You can serve it with tea or coffee.


3.    Sandwich is good breakfast ideas

Nothing beats a good old Sandwich. This is my favorite since there are so many options to it. There are several bread types to choose from and so many to put in between. So Let’s get to it.
– Foot long Swirl bread.
– Letuce
– Bacon
– Ham
– Tomatoes
– cucumber
– Butter
– Mayonnaise

Oil a none stick pan and mildly fry the bacon and ham till the get a golden tint then spread mayonnaise on them then put aside. Cut the lettuce into thick strips and lightly fry and apply seasoning. Slice the tomatoes & cucumber into thin strips Butter the bread and layer the ingredients as you wish. See easy and sweet. I love the flavors that play in your mouth. You can serve this with juice.

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