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make sorbet with frozen fruits

Simple Way To Make Sorbet With Blender

August 28th, 2018

How does it feel enjoying the serenity of your backyard or living room with a cold glass of sorbet? Especially those that I make with ingredients of my choice. They give me the coolness and satisfaction to dry my throat while filing my stomach at the same time.

Sorbet is a dessert consisting of frozen fruit juice that you can make easily at your home by only use a blender. The only things that you need are the fruits, ice cubes, and a blender. Or if you don’t want to use ice cubes, you can freeze the fruits before blend it with your blender.

Since you will blend ice or frozen fruits, you need a good blender that able to crush the ice. That is a blender with specific details in the blades and the power that guarantee you give the ability to turn the frozen fruits to a delicious sorbet. To do this tasks I entrust my Blendtec blender that has been nominated by as the best blender for ice in 2018.

Beside all that basic stuffs, here are some other tips to make a delicious sorbet.

Choose your ingredients carefully

To begin with, beside it can give a refreshing feelings, sorbets have a lot of health benefits. All the ingredients you use to make the sorbets supply your body with essential nutrients, i.e., vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins.

It is therefore essential that you choose your ingredients according to what you want to gain. For example, if you want vitamin E, try adding wheat germ which is known to contain lots of vitamin E, folic acid, and fiber. Meanwhile If you want to supply your body with some good bacteria, using yogurt as your liquid will be worthwhile since yogurt contains good bacteria.

Have a good blender on hand

A blender is what will facilitate your sorbet making. So if you don’t have one yet, get one and enjoy the remarkable benefits of sorbets.

While at it, choose a blender that is suitable for sorbet making needs. In this case, you have to consider how often you will be making the sorbet, how many sorbets you will be making a go as well as what ingredients you’ll be using most often.

If you are using lots of hard ingredients like ice, nuts and frozen fruits, then you’ll have to get a top quality blender. One that is fast and powerful so that you can have an easy time when making your sorbet.

Balance your ingredients

While it may seem easy and convenient to just throw in ingredients randomly on the blender, it is not the best thing to do when looking to make healthy and delicious sorbets.

You need to start balancing your ingredients. With your favorite fruits, you could add in some proteins. Healthy protein sources that you can use include plain yogurt, hemp seeds, almond seeds and peanut butter.

Doing this will not just make your sorbet balanced, but it will also help to accentuate its flavor.

Avoid too much fat

Fat is good especially if it’s healthy fat. But then, we are often advised to reduce the amount of our fat intake to stay healthy. Keeping this in mind, when choosing your sorbet ingredient to go for the ones that have less fat content. Skimmed milk and soy milk are excellent base options. These will help lower your calorie intake as well as help with the consistency and flavor of your sorbets.

freeze your fruits

I will tell you this for free; frozen fruits make the best sorbets. Not only do frozen fruits make your sorbets awesomely pure, but they also help make them enjoyably cool. So you can get your fresh fruits and put them in the freezer for use when you need to. Keep in mind that you might need to chop large fruits like melons before placing them in the freezer.

Maintain the right consistency

It is not every time that your sorbet will turn out perfect especially the consistency. At times they may turn out too thin, and this can be frustrating. However, you don’t need to worry when this happens, just add some ice cubes and blend them. (Ice cubes tend to be hard, so if you know you will be using lots of it in your sorbets, ensure that you get the best blender for ice on hand)

Other times your sorbet may turn out too thick, and this could be because you’ve used lots of ice or frozen fruits. When this happens, you can add some water, coffee or green tea to thin it.

Add A little liquids for the base

To make this ice contortion to turn out great, always add the liquids as a first step. Doing this helps to prevent the fruits and other ingredients from binding up with the liquids. Skimmed milk, soy milk, yogurt or even water are excellent base options. So, once you’ve added all ingredients, blend everything up on high until everything is thoroughly blended.

So there, very simple sorbet making tips. Remember that making sorbet is not difficult as most people try to make it sound. Just be mindful of the quantity of ingredients you use and how you put them in the blender.


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