Hello, my name is Sarah, welcome to my page where I share what I love most about Life, COOKING. I share experiences and stories that mostly start from my kitchen. My inspiration comes from several sources but I must add that cooking for my husband was the beginning of all this, to this day I enjoy cooking for him.

I enjoy a good homemade meal something healthy and interesting, something that creates a buzz. Cooking has grown to be a big part of my life. Where I’m from cooking for the family is a big part of a woman’s role. Back at home we would lend a hand to mom and prepare meals for an entire party. There is just something in home homemade meals that’s just unique.

I am not a trained chef but I make decent meals. I enjoy my family’s reactions and nothing makes me happy like the fact that we make healthy meals out of the simplest available ingredients. In the end it’s the satisfaction that counts. I welcome comments and suggestions but most of all I would love if you give a try to everything and let me know how it goes.